Be Careful What You Smile About

I am a student of smileology and have been just about all my life. If you can’t smile at something, it’s not worth thinking about.

Of course, certain things in life are serious, but not that many. Too many people take everything seriously and ruin their life. These are the kind of people I like to be around because they take things so seriously and because of that, the jokes on them.

When I see somebody that looks sad, I have an impulse to try to do something to make them laugh. It is that smile on our face that defines who we are.

There are times when I need to be careful about my smiling. I find so much to chuckle about, and to be truthful, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage has given me quite a bit to chuckle about. I don’t know if she has taught me to chuckle or if I have taught her to chuckle. The result is the only thing that matters. We chuckle together, and that makes a good life.

We need to be careful about watching programs dealing with politicians because of the danger of dying laughing. Every politician has their role model as Charlie Chaplin.

When I told my wife this, she vehemently disagreed.

“Oh, no,” she said most energetically, “their role model is the Three Stooges.”

When she’s right, she’s right, and with this, she is absolutely right.

We enjoyed a long therapeutic session of chuckling.

Then a certain chapter in our life opened up. We were eating supper together, and my wife said, “Do you know that my friend was locked out of Facebook?”

I chuckled because I thought it was some kind of a joke.

“No,” I said between chuckles, “what kind of nonsense did she do to deserve that?”

I responded, “Doesn’t she know that her world does not revolve around Facebook? Tell her to go and get a life.”

In the next week, I heard of several of my friends who have been locked out of their Facebook. These friends were good people, and I couldn’t figure out why in the world Facebook would lock them out. They probably did something terrible. Why else would Facebook lock them out?

It seems every week I hear someone who is being locked out of Facebook, and I never could understand the reasons for that. I just laughed it off and thought perhaps they did something that was not right.

After all, Facebook is always right. (Or do they lean left?) I could never figure that out.

Whenever I hear of one being locked out, I would just smile and chuckle and forget about it.

I’ve learned a lesson, don’t chuckle about something when you don’t know the whole story.

One day this past week, I got up, got my coffee, and went to my chair to do a little reading, and then I picked up my iPad to check out my Facebook page.

I guess this is something automatic, and I don’t think about it too much.

As I was opening my Facebook page, a message came up that said I had been locked out of Facebook. Evidently, according to them, and they never get it wrong, there have been things put on my Facebook that did not correlate with their standards.

Somebody hacked into my account and started putting on things I had no idea about.

When I told my wife about my lockout on Facebook, she just started chuckling.

“What are you chuckling about?”

“Well,” she said between chuckles, “you must’ve done something awful for Facebook to lock you out.”

Just to pause right here; I was not chuckling!

Then she reminded me of all the friends of ours locked out of Facebook and how much we laughed and chuckled.

“Yeah,” I said mournfully, “but that had nothing to do with me. I’m locked out!”

She stared at me one of those stares of hers and just kept staring. I was getting to be a little unnerved by her staring. Then she finally said, “Your world does not revolve around Facebook. Go get a life.”

At this time, I was not chuckling, but was beginning to do the opposite of chuckling. I can’t tell you what that is right now.

The rest of the day, I was pondering my situation. I did not know how much time I spent on Facebook and how I depended upon it for specific information. I was disturbed by the thought that my world was beginning to revolve around Facebook. What a terrible development.

At this point, I am still locked out of Facebook. I’m not sure how long I’ll be locked out; it could be a month or more. I don’t know how these things work.

Although I thought it was a bad experience, I begin to realize that it was a good experience. Sometimes the best part of life flows out of the worst experiences we have. God delights to reveal himself in the dark shadows of our human experience.

Help A Life Change Today By Donating for Child Education

While donation can help a child in their education, it often becomes difficult for high school students to pursue their studies with assistance. This is exactly where your donations come to help. When you donate for child education in Alberta, you not only give a part of your money but also the enthusiasm to fulfill their dream of achieving an education. You can help reduce the financial gap and help the students achieve the goals by donating for child education.

How does it help?

When you donate for child education in Alberta, you give the money either in cash or cheque to the organization working for them. The organization ensures the child or children receive a proper education. Now, apart from this, there are some other ways your donation helps in the child’s education. These include:

• Educating the parents on the benefits of reading and education

• Offers better and improved classrooms and school furniture

• Includes teacher training

When do you need to pay?

Once you have decided that you want to donate for child education in Alberta, ensure you know when you need to make the payment. Many organizations accept monthly or yearly donations. If you want to know when to pay, ask the organization.

How do you need to make the donation?

Most organizations wish to increase the number of volunteers along with getting donations. They also urged the volunteers to provide teaching assistance and guidance to the students in need. However, if you are a busy and hectic life doesn’t permit that you can make donations through cash or cheque. You can also find out from the organization about the medium of donation and make it accordingly.

Why should you donate for child education?

• Helps to overcome Odds:

Donation doesn’t only mean the child can pursue the education; it also means they get one step closer to fulfilling their aims. Moreover, the children also understand the importance of education. All and more of this are possible only if you make a take small step to provide them with the assistance and guidance they need.

• Makes you Feel Better:

When you make a donation for child education it makes you feel better. It is because you realize your contribution can actually help shape up the future of the next generation. After all, the kids are definitely our future.

How to find The Proper Organization?

You can only contribute to child education if you choose the right organization accordingly. Here are a few questions to ask.

• Do they have a newsletter or annual report to show their proof of work?
• Do they give you a close idea about what they do?
• Do they work hard to offer child education? What other areas do they concentrate on?
• Does the annual report include details of finances? Do they provide a list of people and businesses associated with them?
• Does the report properly evaluate the work? For instance how many students they have helped receive an education?
• Does the material make the work real? By talking about a particular community they have helped.